The Tefem Campus Ambassador Program is now open!

This initiative by Tefem is aimed at recruiting students in tertiary institutions

Looking for a way to stand out in your campus and make a difference?

Over 2000+

Women empowered

What is in for you as a Tefem Campus Ambassador

Enhance your professional development, leadership, technical and communication skills.

Access internship opportunities with associated partners or any of our clients who need interns.

Access mentorship by experts from Tefem and obtain a certificate of recognition.

Participate in Tefem social events and product training and Incorporate our own success in your portfolio.

Reference letter or recommendations for both national and international organisations.

As an Tefem Campus Ambassador, you will be provided with brand swags.

Campus Ambassador Program Requirements

Pursuing an undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD or any program spanning a minimum of 1 year.

Passionate about technology and Impacting communities.

An active member of a number of student groups, clubs and associations on your campus.

Must be willing to commit at least 6 months of your academic year to the ambassadorship program.

All universities, polytechnics, or college of education in Nigeria are eligible

Apply now and enhance your professional development, leadership and communication skills!

How you will spend your time as a Tefem Campus Ambassador

Get students to register and join Tefem campus community. Organise tech trainings and meetups in your campus.

Organise tech trainings and meetups in your campus. Be reliable and punctual to meetings and events organised by tefem.

Application ends: 10th of July